Strowz: Revolutionising the way you invest!

We started life as MarketsFlow in 2017, when we built one of the most innovative App, MarketsFlow, which made investing accessible for everyone from £10. Using a pooled capital portfolio structure, we wanted to give power to the people to help them grow their money.

Born in London, inspired by wonders, the vision behind Strowz is to build a bridge to your financial goals. Named after Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, Strowz App merges the world of finance and technology to transform the way people invest.

Our users enrich their lives by investing in funds or using our stocks advisory platform & virtual portfolio manager to help manage their own investment decisions.

Our Co-Founders, Tom Nash and Catherine Beauvais-Gascon, bring a wealth of financial experience and immersive creativity.

Tom developed MarketsFlow’s award-winning, sophisticated platform to actively manage optimised portfolios. With Strowz, Catherine brought the missing elements: creativity and immersive user experience.

Strowz Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 792373)