Stock Advisory Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Strowz Advisory Platform?
Strowz Advisory Platform help you manage and run your trading portfolio strategy.

Each portfolio strategy is unique whether you are looking to grow your capital, preserve it or trade profits.

Your individual portfolio strategy may depend on your circumstances, your goals and the amount of investable capital you have.

Growth Strategy
In this strategy you may be looking to ambitiously grow your portfolio by realising profits and actively trading. To do so, we recommend using the Mid Cap stocks and diversifying your portfolio across different industries.

Low Volatility and Capital Preservation Strategy
We recommend using the Large Cap stocks and diversifying your portfolio across different industries.

How do I buy stocks in terms of position sizes?
In terms of buying stocks we recommend building a position over time using Buy signals, the position size should vary based on your overall portfolio size, diversification strategy as well as the signal strength.

When do I Sell stocks based on signals?
It is advisable to sell stocks when you start to see Sell signals for your stock holding. In periods of low volatility you can wait to validate a continuing pattern of sell signals over 2-3 days to confirm your Sell strategy.

What does Neutral signal mean?
Neutral signal means that you can hold a stock, and it is advisable to not Buy or Sell it until the signal changes to Buy or Sell.

Strowz Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 792373) as an investment advisor and manager.

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