Virtual Portfolio Manager

Price: 14 days free and then promotional price of £4.99/month.

Cancellation Period: 1 month notice period.

Virtual Portfolio Manager consists of Stock Signal Manager plus the capability to build and manage a virtual portfolio with $100,000.

VPM helps users develop and test portfolios and improve their trading strategies with virtual money before using real cash.

VPM is an extremely effective tool and helps you manage your portfolio in different market conditions and varying volatility levels.

The home screen provides a snapshot of your total portfolio, available cash, P &L and open trades. Users click on New Trade to open a trading position or View Closed trades to see historical closed trading positions.

The actual portfolio value is updated daily at 10.30am to reflect the previous days’ closing prices as well as new open and closed trades.

Strowz Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 792373) as an investment advisor and manager.

Stock Signal Manager

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